Day 1 of our very long 28 day journey


I thought a good start would be to explain our health issues. The primary health goal for me is to be rid of allergies and asthma. I have had allergies most of my life (I am 52) and I think it is time to give it up. I especially want to be done with animal allergies because, believe it or not, I have a dog. We adopted him as an older dog because he would be put to sleep. He is a “hypo-allergenic” dog but somehow my body doesn’t know that and reacts anyway. The biggest issue is asthma, even walking can be a challenge and I had to quit playing hockey. Probably a bonus for the team but for me not so much!

So day 1 wasn’t too bad. I drink coffee and I thought it would be a tough day but it wasn’t. I had decent energy levels and no headache. Usually when I quit coffee I am exhausted all day and get major headaches.  I did get a wee bit cranky, my mom edged toward the door at that point and bolted for home. Towards the end of the day I started to get bloated. However, if anything is off at all then I do get bloated so no big surprise.

My mom prefers that I write for her so I will update you on her health along with mine. Her main issues are typical declines for seniors – memory issues, foggy thinking and high blood pressure. She started cleansing in the mornings only over the last few weeks and has already had some success with her blood pressure.  She did well the first day, she said she felt lightheaded and that was it. She wasn’t drinking coffee so that helps.





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