DAY 2 – coffee withdrawal

I mentioned that I want to heal asthma and allergies. However, why just stop at one health issue. I also have digestive issues. Lots of bloating and sometimes outright pain. This has been alleviated somewhat by not eating gluten. Plus I have tenderness everywhere – if you press anywhere from my stomach to pubic bone it is tender and swollen. I look pregnant! Things do not feel happy in there.

So Day 2 – this day was much tougher. Overnight I had to use my inhaler several times and pee just as often. I am going to trust/hope that the symptoms getting worse are part of the healing. I thought I had breezed through coffee withdrawal on day one but surprise! I woke up with a headache and it was like all the nerves in my head were yelling at me. For drinking coffee probably.  It’s strange I didn’t feel like I had energy (or motivation) to do much, but at the same time my body had this hum of energy to it, like the cells were alive and buzzing away.  So I guess the chi (energy) is flowing in there, fixing my headache hopefully.


My mom had a tough day too. Her blood pressure went up and she had to take a pill to settle it down. She also had some cooked beets which is a no-no on a raw food diet but they were in her fridge and she didn’t want to see them go to waste. She is a practical woman. Along with that she had a little rice (!) So we had a little refresher course on fruits and vegetables only and she is good to go. She hadn’t been feeling great and she had a bridge game to get to after all. I think having cooked vegetables once or twice a week isn’t a big deal. Or we are going to decide that it is not a big deal.


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