Day 3 coffee detox done!



Finally the headache is gone! My energy is pretty good but not 100%. The amazing thing for me is that from day one I haven’t had any cravings. Even when my family will be drinking coffee, or eating something I can’t have I don’t really want it. I haven’t craved sugar at all either. I can see something sweet and not really want it. As for the asthma, I didn’t have to use the steroid inhaler this morning (Advair 250) and seemed to be okay. Usually I use that every morning and evening and then the rescue inhaler perhaps once per day, sometimes more. I didn’t use the rescue inhaler at all (Ventalin).

My mom’s blood pressure went right down today. It was 110 over 85 and stayed pretty stable throughout the day (she has a blood pressure monitor). She also noticed that she isn’t craving anything.





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