Last night I had a lower backache that wouldn’t go away. I pressed on the area and that kicked in a shooting/burning pain that kept me from sleeping. Hopefully this is short lived! For Mother’s day we went on a hike. Once again I didn’t use the steroid inhaler or the rescue inhaler, even climbing a hill. I should explain the difference. The steroid inhaler is something you use every day to maintain open airways.  The rescue inhaler is a more acute treatment and is used as needed.

My mom and I went to a vegan restaurant for supper for Mother’s Day, and sadly there were things on that menu we couldn’t eat! Our big cheat was some roasted chickpeas and soup (this is a raw food diet so no cooked foods). I can’t tell you how good those things tasted! Her blood pressure is still doing well – 118/84. She hasn’t had to take any pills the last couple of days. I wouldn’t say the memory/foggy thinking issues have lessened at all though.


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