DAY 5 – what’s the deal with only fruits and vegetables?

So you may be wondering why just fruit and vegetables? The biggest reason is that they are easy to digest. Carbs, proteins and especially fats take a lot more work to digest. This leaves a lot of energy for healing. Instead of taking out the trash all day long my body can focus on some housecleaning (something I should have a little think about for my non-metaphorical house). I think it is even faster to just juice but I will give up speed for some crunch. Another reason is that fruit and vegetables are loaded with nutrients. If they are all I am eating then I can super load on them, every bite counts towards healing.  That is one of the arguments for a plant based diet, if you are eating lots of meat and dairy it doesn’t leave much room to get your fruits and vegetables in. And, this is not a permanent diet, it wouldn’t be healthy long term. It is just for the purposes of cleansing.


My mom and I are both amazed at how much less we are eating and still full. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, I thought I would have to eat all day long. Part of it is just taste I guess. I mean I do really like fruit and vegetables, but I am not likely to have a late night salad binge. But that isn’t all of it. I don’t need to eat a lot in one meal to feel full.

I didn’t use the steroid inhaler today, but I did use the rescue inhaler once after a walk. I am happy with that! Mom’s blood pressure is still down, she hasn’t taken a pill since her first day. She has found that walking makes a big difference. If it is a bit high she goes for a walk and it brings it right down. But even without walking she hasn’t needed her pills. We both find that our energy level is steady throughout the day. We basically just eat fruit in the morning, we have juice and a smoothie. Sometimes it is 1 or 2 before we have any vegetables but there are no energy crashes. I wouldn’t say that I am energetic yet though.


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