DAY 6 – ode to the lowly celery


vegetables-2077379__340.jpgCelery, oh celery, how you have been pushed aside and ignored. Abandoned on the veggie tray beside the broccoli, your edges all ragged and brown, you just aren’t as sexy as your cousins. Well that is all going to end. It turns out that celery is the Clark Kent of the veggie world and has donned it’s cape to save the world. First of all, it isn’t really a vegetable at all, it is a herb. Secondly, it is very anti-inflammatory (in case you live under a rock inflammation in the body is bad, bad, bad). According to Anthony Williams (more on him later) in his book Life Changing Foods it has mineral salts that chase out bad bacteria, yeast, fungus and viruses and builds up the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. It helps with overworked adrenal glands and brain fog and memory loss. Not the wallflower anymore! So my mom and I drink a glass of celery juice first thing every morning. And it is just as gross as you would imagine. I have to add an apple to it. However, I will say this: it gives me buckets of energy. I started on this before we started the cleanse and twice I went to work without having a coffee. It felt like I had already had a coffee and so I just forgot to have one. By mid-afternoon I was a bit dopey and sleepy and several other dwarfs but you can only expect so much.

Okay, on to how we are doing: my mom is feeling great today. She said that her head felt “less heavy and foggy” and she feels more clear. I am still struggling with the unexplained lower back pain, however when you push on the tender area it isn’t burning pain anymore. So there’s that. Neither of us are craving anything which still amazes me. I have given up the steroid inhaler and I will just use the rescue inhaler as I need it.


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