DAY 9 – organic food

For the cleanse we are eating organic food whenever possible. I think that in life after the cleanse I will eat a mix based on what is available. I think it is better to buy non-organic and wash it then not eat it at all. However, for the cleanse we are trying to put as little strain on the body as possible so it can use all it’s energy to cleanse. Having to detox pesticides is an extra strain for the liver. Plus, it seems kind of silly cleanse ourselves of chemicals while simultaneously putting them in our bodies.

I have seen such a change in the availability of organic food stores. When my kids were born 20 years ago I had to drive a half hour to get organic food. Now organic food stores are everywhere, I have one right in my neighbourhood and one a 5 minute drive away. All of our traditional grocery stores have some organic produce. Things are changing!


Nothing new for health today. Mom’s blood pressure is still stable and she stopped needing her blood pressure pills near the beginning of the cleanse. She still checks her blood pressure several times per day, you don’t want to mess with that stuff.


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