Day 10 – desperately seeking bad ass veggies

I am having to get really creative in just eating fruits and vegetables. I am craving something stronger, kind of edgy and bad ass.


It occurred to me that capers are a flower bud which means they are a plant which means hooray – I can eat them. Don’t let that little shrunken head fool you – it may be small but it is big in flavour. I am going to be honest here – there is a possibility that a tiny, baby amount of that flavour is from salt. The salt that they float in their whole lives in jar captivity. So we are going to ignore that little detail. My new favourite is mashing them up with lime juice and then pouring them over sliced avocado, tomatoes and red onions. And by pouring I mean spread them over top.

For the most part the tenderness in the abdomen is gone. Sometimes I have it briefly, I haven’t figured out what causes it. The asthma comes and goes – one day I had to use the inhaler to get up a hill (walking) but the next day I went on a bike ride with hills and I was fine. I am so happy to ditch the steroid one though. Not much new on the Mom front.

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