Day 11 – Turmeric shots gone wrong

So Turmeric is getting a lot of attention these days. More specifically it is curcumin in the turmeric that heals anything and everything. I am primarily interested in it’s ability to help reduce the inflammation that comes with asthma, or causes it perhaps. So I dug the shot glass out that hasn’t had much partying lately and decided to go for it. I made one with a tiny bit of juices from garlic, turmeric and ginger and then added orange. It looked like liquid sunshine, even though turmeric itself looks like a really gross bug/worm thing. They look like they could scurry off the plate and build a home under the fridge.


Anyway, apparently I had the wrong proportions and it burned. It burned real bad. It really wanted to come back up, and I heaved a couple of times but it stayed put. I hung over the sink for a few minutes, panting and sweating, until I was sure it would was staying inside my body. Funny how we don’t just let it rip, less painful in the end really. Now I have an aversion to turmeric. So that’s awesome. I guess I need to try one drop and build it up. Plus I don’t really know why I needed the garlic in there, enough is enough already.

If you do decide this fun adventure is for you then I have a very valuable tip. You can easily scrape the ginger and the bug shell from the turmeric with a grapefruit knife.

No big health news today folks!

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