Day 12 – we have met the enemy and he is fruit


banana-1773796__340Why is there so much fruit fear these days? This one puzzles me. The low carb craze really kicked this off, and fruit was targeted because of the fructose (fruit sugar) in fruit. However, fruit also comes with it’s own digestive enzymes and fiber to help it digest fully and slowly. It is not the same as eating refined sugar. I think a better strategy for deciding whether something is good for you is to look at the role it plays in the body rather then how it is classified.  A date and candy are both carbohydrates that are high in sugar but to your body they are the opposite in nutritional value.

In one of the textbooks used in my Nutrition Diploma, Staying Healthy with Nutrition by Dr Haas, the role of oligosaccharides are explained. These are short sugar chains and fructose are called fructo-oligosaccharides. This discovery has sparked research of late because they can go right through the small intestine where most digestion occurs. They are marathon runners that make it all the way to the large intestine. Why is this important? Because crucial bacteria production occurs in the large intestine and the oligosaccharides feed the good bacteria. Therefore they are very important for the digestive and immune systems. Many supplements and foods are unable make it past the small intestine and therefore are not able to do the job that fruit can. It is crucial to our health, and very important for healing. So 3 cheers for fruit!



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