DAY 13 – challenges with cleansing

Tomorrow is the halfway point and I will give a summary of our health successes in that post. However, today I thought I would go over some of the challenges we have encountered:

  1. Eating only fruit and vegetables. That eliminates a lot of the fun foods. However, I am trying foods I didn’t before and have developed some new favourites. I also really like fruit and vegetables so that helps.
  2. No fats. I don’t miss meat at all, or even dairy for that matter. And I LOVE cheese. And whipped cream. God I love whipped cream. I know it isn’t normally a stand alone food but seriously I could eat a bowl of it by itself. And butter, don’t even get me started on butter. Brie – I could melt brie on a stick and have an awesome meal. I think you get the idea. However, I am not craving them so that is okay, but what is a challenge is not having any oil. Creating salad dressings without oil is a bit tough. So we use citrus a lot as the liquid part of the dressing. Or pureed avocado.
  3. I’m cold. I live in Canada, not a country known for it’s warm climate. However, it is spring and it should be warm and sunny. I live in Calgary, the sunniest city in Canada. However, it has been damp, rainy and COLD. It snowed 2 days ago! That is a problem because I have been cold even aside from the weather.  For awhile it was a nice change from my perpetually overheated hot flash state but now it is just getting old.


4) Raw food only. This wouldn’t be as big of deal if it was a normal spring, however with it being cold I just want soup and cooked vegetables. And I love sautéed vegetables. For our one week celebrations we are having cooked food, and one day I had steamed green beans just to warm up. I am okay with that. I am getting so many nutrients from my food it doesn’t hurt to lightly cook them occasionally. Do I sound like I am convincing myself? Maybe a little.

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