Day 14 – halfway through fruit and vegetable cleanse!!


fireworks-rocket-new-year-s-day-new-year-s-eve-40663.jpegWoohoo! We are at the halfway point. This seems like a good time to update where we are at health wise. I am really happy with the results, especially since we are only half way through. I am finding it harder to find interesting things to eat, but I find new things all the time. My mom seems pretty content to eat the same things every day but I have to change it up. So, here is a list a summary of our health progress:

MYRA (me!)

  • Abdominal tenderness and inflammation are pretty much gone. My abdomen (from ribs down) no longer is swollen and tender to touch. I no longer look 6 months pregnant although I still have weight to lose on my abdomen
  • I used to use Advair 250 twice per day (morning and evening). I now don’t use it at all
  • I still use the Ventalin when I have asthma. I still use it every couple of days. I can now walk, most times, without using it
  • It is now hay fever season and I haven’t really had any sneezing. I have had to use my inhaler a couple of times after doing yard work.
  • Hot flashes are reduced by about half


  • No longer taking blood pressure pills. She continues to monitor her blood pressure every day and will continue to do so for awhile just to be sure. Her blood pressure varies throughout the day, but it is usually between 106/75 and 130/82.
  • Her head feels less “foggy” and heavy.
  • I have noticed (just in the last two days) that her memory is better. This is something that is easier for someone else to pick up, because she wouldn’t know if I had already told her something.

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