Day 15 – navigating the buffet table on a fruit and vegetable cleanse



We recently went to my daughter’s high school graduation banquet and I was nervous about how I was going to eat just fruit and vegetables. However, to the credit of the school they had a vegan/vegetarian table and a lot of vegetables at the “regular” table. I had not signed up for the vegetarian table since at the time I didn’t know I would be doing a cleanse but they accepted my sad story and let me eat there.  I still couldn’t eat some of the fun stuff but I got enough to fill up. Fortunately it was a dry grad so I didn’t have to turn down a glass of wine. However, just as I was feeling proud of myself they plunk a whole cake on the table for us to share. A REALLY yummy looking torte type thing. It sat there the whole evening but I resisted. I told everyone at the table about my cleanse to keep me honest. So when I got home I wanted something to eat. I wasn’t hungry at all, but what I realized is that I was trying to replace that cake and nothing was going to work. For the first time I felt deprived. I wasn’t even craving sugar, or chocolate, it was missing out on a treat. A treat that was all wrapped up in a big event that made me feel like I should have something special. It was a psychological thing. It was also late so I could just go to bed and ignore it and it was all good in the morning!


2 thoughts on “Day 15 – navigating the buffet table on a fruit and vegetable cleanse

  1. So true that much of the time eating has nothing to do with being hungry or meeting a nutritional need. There is so much psychology involved with eating. I believe that’s why being disciplined in eating is so hard.


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