Day 17 – weird stuff is happening

So I had a white “bump” on my eyebrow, not very large or obvious. It made it annoying to use eyebrow pencil because it wouldn’t go over it but otherwise didn’t bother me. Then a friend pointed out that those seemingly harmless white bumps on your face can be cancerous. So I planned to check it out with the doctor. However, today I woke up and it was gone. It has been there for years, maybe 10 or more.


I am getting lots of questions about my energy level. I wouldn’t say I am high energy, but I am also still not sleeping well. My energy is really steady during the day though which is such a change from the coffee/sugar high and lows. As for the asthma: I am still off the Advair inhaler, but I still have to use the rescue inhaler periodically. As I mentioned before, it is also hay fever season and I have had to do a lot of yard work because the weeds in my yard just keep on growing. I haven’t had the itchy eyes and sneezing I usually have with hay fever this year. I still sneeze from the dog sometimes, but not as often.

My mom is doing great. She eats the exact same thing every day which wouldn’t work for me but she is okay with it. Both of us would like some cooked food. She still does not use blood pressure medication. I haven’t noticed a big change in her memory, but I don’t see her everyday. She does seem to be more clear thinking in her conversations when we do talk though.

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