Day 18 – Staying motivated on a 28 day cleanse tip 1

I having been watching every documentary I can to keep me motivated. It works really well! Netflix is a great source of food documentaries, I would say it is their biggest documentary category in Canada.  A lot of them are about eating a whole foods, plant based diet. There are also some about factory farming and sustainable living. I even watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead again with Joe Cross. I figure that if he can drink just juice for 2 months and come out the other end healed and off all his medications then I can pull of eating fruits and veg for a month. He must have loved that first bite of apple.


As we come nearer to the end (9 days away!) we have started to think about what comes next. My mom has decided that she won’t be eating meat. I am thinking that I probably won’t either, mostly for ethical reasons but I do think it is healthier. The vegans I have been seeing in all these documentaries look pretty healthy. Some are in their 70’s and 80’s and going strong; they are not your average senior in a senior’s home. However, I would say that you can definitely be an unhealthy vegan, there is a lot of vegan junk food around. As with gluten free, vegan food can be loaded with all the same crap that goes in regular processed food. Sometimes they add chemicals, fat or sugar to make up for the missing taste. So I think it takes a commitment to eating whole foods and a balanced diet which takes some work. I believe that staying off dairy for a long time would be a big help with the asthma. But – cheese! My love for cheese runs very deep. It would be the toughest thing to give up. How do you achieve ooey, gooey meals without that melted cheese? Please let me know if you have any recommendations for vegan “cheese” that is healthy, tastes good and melts (and you can get in Canada). I went off dairy for awhile a few years ago and one I tried tasted like those horrible candies that you left at the bottom of your halloween bag. We ate them only when the good stuff ran out. Note that I didn’t say we threw them out, no we powered through the molasses/unidentifiable weird taste. Our standards were pretty low and by then we had turned into sugar monsters and needed our daily fix. Remember these:


So send me your cheese ideas please!


2 thoughts on “Day 18 – Staying motivated on a 28 day cleanse tip 1

  1. You probably know about nutritional yeast, which gives things a cheesy flavour, but it doesn’t come close to the melted gooey texture of real cheese. I see there’s a recipe on the back of my yeast package for a cheese substitute you can use for pizza, lasagne, nachos. It calls for corn starch and flour, so I don’t know if that’s helpful, and I can’t imagine it would be the right texture either, so I guess I’m not much help for you at all! Sorry.


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