Day 20 – Real news about fake food



I just read the book Real Food Fake Food by Larry Olmsted. He writes about food fraud: food being sold as one thing when it is actually another, omitting ingredients, substituting ingredients, false advertising and transhipping items. Transhipping means that a country will send their products to another country, and then forward it on to the destination country. This disguises which country is really sending the food and allows food to be sent from a country with a ban on their products or a poor reputation. Shrimp producers have been guilty of this. Some of the foods he mentions being tampered with are honey, maple syrup, cheese, ground coffee, tea, olive oil, basmati rice, spices (oregano, turmeric and nutmeg were the worst), fruit juice and fish. Sushi was tested in various restaurants and up to 50% (they varied depending upon the area) were not serving the fish that you ordered. Red snapper is a fish that is often switched out in restaurants. It also includes saying food is organic when it isn’t. Apparently food fraud is right up there with fake news. Maybe we should get Trump on that.



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