Day 19 – staying motivated on a 28 day cleanse tip 2

My second tip for staying motivated during a 28 day cleanse is to rope someone else into doing it with you. This helps in the following ways:


  1. Misery loves company
  2. You can eat your salad together when everyone else is eating pizza
  3. You can both look for recipes. Hopefully one of you likes to cook those recipes!
  4. When one is down the other is up and you can pull (drag) each other along
  5. They can assure you that you are not in imminent danger of death even when everyone is sure you will perish
  6. You can take turns making celebration dinners
  7. You have someone that agrees with you when you determine that yes, you should actually eat a baked sweet potato on your raw food cleanse. Only for the weekly celebration of course

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