Day 21 – Asthma disappointment


I was doing really well with the asthma and then last night it came on with a vengeance. I had to use my inhaler once during the night, and then several times during the day.  And it doesn’t seem to really be getting it under control. I may have to go back to Advair (daily use inhaler) which would be really disappointing. The weird thing is that it feels different somehow. Not different good, just different. My chest is really tight, and feels constricted somehow but the air seems be flowing in and out of my lungs okay. I know that sounds weird, okay that doesn’t even make sense, but I don’t know how to explain it. It isn’t a chest cold. Anyway, regardless of it feeling different it is still asthma and that is pretty disheartening to have it come back this bad. However, I know that I have had some good success and I am grateful for that. I have hope!


On the bright side I think my mom is having some dementia symptoms start to clear. I just had a conversation with her about buying tickets for a play online. This is not something she does, and it was a confusing site. Also, if you haven’t bought anything online before it is challenge. Even the concept of navigating a website is new for her, she basically just uses her computer to email. Anyway, our conversation was different then usual. Usually when I explain any new concepts she isn’t able to absorb the new information even though she tries really hard to comprehend it. However, this time she was really clear and able to understand. I have seen this a few times with her so I am hopeful.  Sometimes she is clearer then others, but I find that she in the past she is consistently unable to absorb new facts. It takes repetition over time for it absorb. What comes and goes is memory, both short term and longer term. This was true even before she had high blood pressure which was something that came on fairly suddenly. So a good news/bad news day for us today!

2 thoughts on “Day 21 – Asthma disappointment

  1. I’m very happy for your mom! You, however, not so much. Hopefully this is a temporary setback with your asthma. It’s a lot for your body to fight right now with all the fuzz etc. floating around. It even irritates me when I’m outside and I don’t have allergies/asthma.


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