Day 22 – asthma is gone again. Weird.



Yesterday I wrote that the asthma was back again and quite bad. Today it is gone again. I haven’t even needed the rescue inhaler, even with a long walk with hills. So, I don’t know what to think. I guess there is ups and downs and as long as the general trend is for the better then that is good enough. I mean, this is supposedly an incurable disease, I need to be grateful that I am even off the steroid inhaler. Big picture here!

However, on the upside I have SO much energy. I didn’t have a great sleep due to the asthma (5 hours) and yet the next day I was going steady. I gardened and did housework and then that evening co-facilitated a 3 hour workshop and had energy to spare. So I have expanded beyond just having steady energy to having extra energy. My mom said the same. She gets up earlier and she doesn’t need a nap anymore. If she does nap it is just 15 minutes rather then an hour or longer. And, I had a skin tag disappear. It was right where my bra sits and so I am happy to see it gone!

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