Day 23 – why are asthmatics always nerds?

I am certain that the prop most used for a nerd in movies is an inhaler. We are always skinny, sickly, unathletic and as pale as Wonder Bread. They are almost always male. So at least I have that going for me.  Although I have to say I am kind of embarrassed to use my inhaler in front of someone because it is just so uncool. It just seem so weak. My daughter’s field hockey coach actually told her team that there is no such thing as asthma, it is just a matter of being out of shape. That’s just super. Now my daughter can feel like an out-of-shape faker nerd when she has to use her inhaler. Unknown.png

So I think we need an equal rights for asthmatics campaign. No more diseasism. Yup, I just made up that word, that came right out of my head this very second. Okay, that has probably been used before, but I am not going to check and so I am good to go. Back to us nerds: we deserve the respect that other diseased people have, people with leprosy for example. You hear me Hollywood! We would be picketing you right now except for that those heavy signs make us out of breath and tired.


So when I finally get rid of this asthma it will be Revenge of the Nerds Part V and we will get our respect back (did you know there were actually four Revenge of the Nerds movies?! This blog is so informative!). Anyway, we will be all over that, and you can call us names, hurt our feelings, make us feel small – it doesn’t matter we will prevail. Just don’t chase us maybe cause it is hard to use an inhaler when you are walking away quickly.

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