Day 25 – Goodbye hot flashes



I have had hot flashes for several years. They are worse in the summer and, if I am being honest here, when I am stressed. Mine are the full body complete with the embarrassing beads of sweat. It feels like an internal furnace kicked in and blows hot for a few minutes. They can last anywhere from 30 seconds to several minutes. I would have on average a dozen a day, but if I am hot and/or stressed it can be several per hour.


I am happy to say though that they are pretty much gone. I will go days without having one. My overall thermostat has changed too – even if I wasn’t having a hot flash I tended to be overheated. Now, I guess because I am eating just raw and therefore cold foods I tend to be a little cool most times. Even if this fruit and vegetable cleanse had just gotten rid of the hot flashes that would have been enough!


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