Day 26 – 3 more days on this $%*&# fruit and vegetable cleanse


Unknown.jpegYeah, so I am kind of tired of fruit and vegetables. I really like them, it is just that I want something with some substance. What I am craving is “umami” which is one of the five basic tastes (the others are sweet, sour, bitter and salty). This is a foodie term I just discovered. Is it important? Well eat nothing but fruit and veggies for a month and let me know. It is a savoury taste, kind of meaty or broth, richer then just a salty taste. I can satisfy the craving with mushrooms, and although this is a raw food diet I sometimes sauté them slightly to get that rich, savoury taste. It does the trick.

Mom is feeling the same way. She is craving fatty tastes though, partly because she does not love avocados as much as I do. She likes them mixed with other things, but doesn’t eat them on their own. It will be really nice to add a little oil, especially in salad dressings.



My daughter’s birthday is on our 28th and last day. She wants a cake made with Nutella. Yuck. It is not the dessert we are going to have on the big birthday/day 28 celebration that I am most excited about – it is the supper! Oh yeah, and the fact that it’s my daughter’s birthday. That’s important too.


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